Advanced DNS Management

Advanced DNS management option helps you to configure various types of DNS resource records for your domain name. You can use existing Hostflyer client area to configure your nameservers and DNS records. If you are not able to find certain type of DNS resource records(eg. SRV record or Service record) in your basic DNS settings, then you can use this Advanced DNS management panel to add those DNS resource records.

  1. Login into Advanced DNS Management panel with credentials.
  2. Click on Mange Orders from the menu bar and then click on “List/Search Orders
  3. Your domain name will be displayed.
  4. Now click on your domain name and then navigate to the end of the page. You can find the DNS Management option as shown below.

5. Click on Manage DNS and add your DNS resource records based on your requirement. You can view the added DNS records by clicking on the respective ‘Record name’ (Eg: Click on MX, it will display MX records).